Summer of Code 2018

Conversations started out as an easy to use Jabber client for the Android platform but quickly became an umbrella project for all sorts of UX improvements to the XMPP ecosystem.

Getting involved

Conversations puts a lot of focus on user experience so we encourage you to become a user of XMPP first.
To become a user you need to:

  1. Download an XMPP client (Conversations1 on Android and Gajim on Windows and Linux)
  2. Create an account on an XMPP server. For startes we recommend creating an account on the server. In both Gajim and Conversations you can tick the checkbox Create new account during initial setup.

After downloading a client and creating an account please join the conversations group chat (MUC) under the address:

1 Conversations is not available for free on the PlayStore. However we wouldn’t ask potential applicants to buy the application. Instead either sideload it from the Open Source App Store F-Droid, build it from source or join with a different client first and ask for a promo code in the GSoC group chat, that will allow you to install the app for free from the Google PlayStore.

Project Ideas

Keep in mind that the following project ideas are just ideas. In general we are interested in anything that has the ability to improve the UX for end users and newcomers to XMPP. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve client development but can also be about aiding the user to pick the right server or about contact discovery.

Turn Compliance Tester into Webservice

Implement client-side MIX in Conversations

Jingle encrypted A/V calling

Add OMEMO support to Babbler

Add OMEMO support to Converse.js

Add Audio/Video support to Converse.js

Add OpenPGP for XMPP Instant Messaging support to Smack

Add support for Entity Capabilities 2.0 to Smack

Add support for XMPP over WebSocket to Smack

Dino: OMEMO improvements

Dino: Message search

Dino: On-boarding experience

Dino: In-Band Real Time texting

Your application

Thank you for your interest in participating in Google’s Summer of Code with Your application can be free form but should answer the following questions.